Mar 26

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Thank you so much Stef Russo, Trevor Joseph, Rastko Rasic, Alessandro Russo, for bringing the Round Coloured Note back to life again, we had a wonderful coming back concert last night in London at the Forge and for sure we`ll keep on rolling it!
Thanks to Ramon Perruolo for jamming with us.
Also thanks to Gypsy Dynamite and Gex Jazz Trio for sharing the stage and to Joy Renzi, for the great passion and care in organizing the event.
Finally, thanks to all the friends and people who came last night and of course to all of you here on fcbk, following our path. Enjoy your sunday wherever you are*
(image by Al Magnus)vaccares 4 et soleil 2

Ps: we`re starting to mix the first single for the next album, you`ll hear it soon;-)

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Mar 07

22nd of March 2014 single launch concert in London

Dear people,
Al-Maranca & the Round Coloured Note are working on their second album!
We`re having our first official gig of the 2014 on the 22nd of March,
at the Forge in Camden Town, 3-7 Delancey St, London NW1 7NL on stage at 8pm.
The first single will be released by the end of this month, the rest of the album will follow most likely by the end of May!
We are very excited and happy to work all together again, in harmony.
May the Light of the Creator always guide us along our brand new journey.

bucarest + varie 029

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Feb 05

The Mother of Celestial Music

Music, here on our physical plane, is an echo of the eternal resonating music in the spiritual world. There`s a deep and strong relationship between the two. Celestial music is the primordial and mighty mother of the hearthly music, her humble and modest daughter with the power, once we listen to her, of taking us back to the celestial mother who gives us strenght, health, well being and wisdom. “All as above, so below”
Here`s the origin of the art of music, art which is clearly a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical one.

(Claudio Gregorat)

La musica, qui sul piano fisico, e` dunque un eco della musica perennemente risonante nel mondo spirituale. Fra le due vi e` una strettissima relazione e dipendenza. La musica celeste e` la madre primordiale e possente della musica terrena, sua umile e modesta figlia, la quale, pertanto, ha il potere, quando l`ascoltiamo, di ricondurci presso la madre celeste che ci dona forza, salute, benessere, saggezza. “Tutto e` in alto come in basso”
Ecco l`origine dell`arte musicale, arte che e` chiaramente un ponte fra il mondo spirituale e quello fisico.IMGA0525

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Jan 05

‘O sole torna

Happy New Year!
Dedicated to all the awakening souls

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Dec 20

Another way home (cinematic)

HERE IT IS, FINALLY MY COLLECTION OF INSTRUMENTAL TRACKS HAS COME TO LIGHT!!! Some of these tracks have already been used by French National TV, in Japan, Germany, Spain, Czech Repubblic, I `ve decided to put them together, in order to freeze the moment and then move on. Please listen, share and let me know what you think, you can even buy single tracks;-) Speaking of moving on, we are currently working on the new album with the Round Coloured Note, out next spring, also in the following days another song of mine in neapolitan will appear! Now I just want to thank all the people and friends who are costantly supporting me here on the web and in the real life, I wish you a peaceful Xmas time, blessed with Love* Thank you all!!! Al-Maranca

ECCOLA QUA, FINALMENTE LA MIA COLLEZIONE DI BRANI STRUMENTALI E`VENUTA ALLA LUCE!!! Alcune di queste traccie sono gia`comparse sulla TV nazionale francese, in Giappone, Germania, Spagna, Repubblica Ceca, ho pero` deciso di metterle insieme in un album, per fermare il momento e andare avanti. Ascoltate, condividete e commentate se vi va, potete anche acquistare brani singolarmente;-) Riguardo ad andare avanti, volevo informarvi che stiamo lavorando con Round Coloured Note al nuovo album che uscira` in primavera, inoltre tra qualche giorno apparira`una nuova mia canzone in napoletano! A questo punto desidero ringraziare tutte le persone e gli amici che mi sostengono qui sul web e nella vita reale, vi auguro di trascorrere il periodo natalizio in serenita`e Amore*
Grazie di cuore a tutti voi!!! Al-Maranca

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