Round Coloured Note band

al rcn brighton Our journey from Poison to Medicine..
The name Round Coloured Note was inspired by the reading of “The Mysticism of sound and music” from the sufi master, musician, Hazrat Hinayat Khan, who moved to Europe from Pakistan during the 20s, in order to spread his message of love and spiritual awakenings through the power of the most sacred of all arts, music.
The band formed in London in 2004, with the original members, Trevor Joseph on keyboards and analogue synths, Rastko Rasic on drums, Pavel Ciecierega on guitar, Alan Short on saxophone and flute and me on vocals and bass. I met Trevor and Pawel through hanging out and jamming in a venue once called Bar Lorca, in Stoke Newington, North East London. Rastko was introduced to me by another friend and he used to live two blocks away from my place in Woodside Park, while I knew Alan from years before.
We played several showcases and gigs in London and eventually started to work on a debut album, “From poison to medicine” which took quite a long journey before it got finished, four years!!!
Each of the 12 songs on the album has a different sound and flavour and tells a different story.
I was looking up at “Revolver” by the Beatles (one of my favourites of all times) as concept.
Crucial in the making of the album was the help of Stef Russo (he now plays bass in the RCN!), who mixed the album with me and did a fantastic job on the post production and problem solving.
Two more drummers also appeared on the album, Ami Rothenberg and Bubu.
The reward is that more and more people are discovering “From poison to medicine”!
The irony is that by the time that me and Stef finally cut the album, the band had vanished, life had played its part and things had changed, so we ended up not promoting it and not playing live anymore..
In 2010 I signed a deal with a Uk publisher world distibutor of library music and moved back to South Italy, working on other projects and often bitterly thinking about the lost band..
In the beginnig of 2013 I was back in London, I went to visit Trevor and after expressing my thoughts he incouraged me to put the band back together! As a pilgrim I went to see all the original members and then slowly, it happened again!!!
We played a few warm up gigs in London, which got us invitation to do some festivals in the summer:
Secret Garden, Playgroup and Rollright, they all went really good, more it`s coming up, we`are also working on our second album which won`t take four years this time, but it will come out during Spring 2014.
So one by one the dots are connecting again, Round Coloured Note are back, we found our medicine through poison, Med Funk! MUSIC ESCAPING DIVISIONS