Professional musician since 1991, Al-Maranca is a bass and saz player, singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer.
Born in the South of Italy, near the Volcano Vesuvius, in year 2000 he moved to London, a very important city for his apprenticeship, playing all sorts of genre and getting known in the UK capital`s music scene.

Al-Maranca has worked with many international names:
producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Badly Drawn Boy, Paolo Nutini) folk singer Polly Paulusma (One Little Indian Records), rumenian popstar Damien Draghici, Alex Pascal (BBC), Zoe Rahman (Mobo 2012), Davide Mantovani and many other artists and musicians of all kinds and race.

In 2004 he formed the band Round Coloured Note and after four years he produced and released the debut album “From Poison to Medicine”. The original band is now reformed and in preparation of a new album to be released in 2014.

Al-Maranca`s musical research is about the Mediterranean cultural identity, from Morocco to Turkey, mixed with all the music influences he got through living many years in London, shaping his rather original fusion of Med, Middle East and West african music, funk, blues, rock, dub and more.

He currently lives between London and the South of Italy.




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  1. Alfredo Capozzi

    Ti ho trovato per puro caso.
    Sono contento che la musica abbia radicato la tua vita.
    Ho sentito alcuni tuoi brani e li ho trovati molto interessanti.
    Un in bocca al lupo per il prosieguo della tua carriera.
    Se capiti dalle parti di Cava, fatti sentire.
    Affettuosi saluti,
    Alfredo Capozzi.

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