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“It seems that the human race has lost a great deal of the ancient science of magic, but if there remains any magic, it is music”

(Hazrat Hinayat Khan)

Al-Maranca is a man about music.

Bass player, singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, band leader..
His whole life and his long international apprenticeship will speak clear once you hear him on stage.
Al-Maranca  was born in a very fascinating land, rich in beauty, history and music traditions, the valley in South Italy overlooked by the volcano Vesuvius, just a few miles from the city of Naples, a land where it `s said that musicians are generally particularly good, mainly cause of the “fire”  from the volcano running underground..
Al-Maranca`s music stands out, right from the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, among waters where since the beginning of history, Europe, Africa and Asia meet and fuse, sometimes violently, often spontaneously, creating and shaping new cultural identities, new sceneries or even new possibilities and ways for our delicate future..

“Listening to Al-Maranca is like seeking or travelling around the world, perceiving some sort of kind knowledge, made of both questions and visions..”  (Giovanna Ferrara-Il Manifesto)

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