Oct 21

Al-Maranca and the Round Coloured Note live@Forge, Camden Town, London, 6th of Nov


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Aug 18

LIve @ Acklam Village, London 03/08/2014

This is our last live performance, which welcomes back on board of the Round Coloured Note ship Alan Short on both flute and sax. Alan is one of the original members, a fantastic musician, we are very happy to having him back. There`s more to come and to expand! On stage= Bass: Stef Russo/ Drums: Rastko Rasic/ Keys and percussions : Trevor Joseph/ Congas and more percussions : Alex Russo/ Al-Maranca : saz and vocals/


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May 14

24th of May 2014 Al-Maranca & RCN live in Dalston, London

We`re playing a show on the 24th of May at the Be I Do, a brand new and very nice live music club in the heart of East London, it`s called: Be I Do 55 Stoke Newington Hi Street N16 8EL, London. So be there! we will, with some very special guests too!

The band line up for this one will be: Al-Maranca: saz, vocals, ney, percussions Trevor Joseph: Keys and percussions Rastko Rasic: drums Stef Russo: bass

here`s the facebook event


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Apr 15

The Music Boat

on the Music Boat, Camden Town, London 13th/04/2014photo

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Mar 26

(No title)

Thanks to Ramon Perruolo for jamming with us. Also thanks to Gypsy Dynamite and Gex Jazz Trio for sharing the stage and to Joy Renzi, for the great passion and care in organizing the event. Finally, thanks to all the friends and people who came last night and of course to all of you here on fcbk, following our path. Enjoy your sunday wherever you are* (image by Al Magnus)vaccares 4 et soleil 2

Ps: we`re starting to mix the first single for the next album, you`ll hear it soon;-)

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