Jul 08

Live @ Lockside/ Camden Town/London

Lockside poster ok

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May 26

Live at Jamboree, London

We`re back at Jamboree tomorrow
566 Cable Street London, close to Limehouse DLR station
On stage at 9pm

Shell`s Ritzy

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May 11

Ruralize it!

There`s a beautiful place in South Italy, up in the mountains, very close to the University of Salerno, where researchers, sociologists, scientsts and artists have been gathering for the past few years.
Watching social innovations, they are trying to imagine a new way of life where ancient rural wisdom and new technology swing in a very interesting equation, which can create a social and therefore economical positive impact on our lives.
Of course this is part of rising worldwide awareness about the fact that things now do need to change for us in order to survive and for sure one good way is going rural.
I`m proud of being part of the team of Rural Hub of Calvanico.
This video is the first one of a new open platform called
“Ruralize it” (a song with this title is also on its way) it`s a work in progress and we will invite many artists and musicians from everywhere to contribute.

Video by Rural Hub
“Ruralize it” short clip by Klesha Lab

C`e`un posto molto bello in Sud Italia, sulle montagne vicino l`Universita` di Salerno, dove ricercatori, sociologi, scenziati e artisti si incontrano da un po` di anni ormai.
Osservando la societa` e i suoi mutamenti, stanno cercando di immaginare un nuovo modo di vivere dove antica saggezza rurale e nuova tecnologia formano un`equazione interessante, che puo` avere un positivo impatto sociale e quindi economico sulle nostre vite.
Certo tutto questo fa parte di una crescente consapevolezza a livello mondiale sul fatto che e` arrivato il momento di cambiare per poter sopravvivere e uno dei sentieri da seguire e` di sicuro quello della ruralita`, soprattutto per noi italiani.
Sono orgoglioso di fare parte del Rural Hub di Calvanico.
Questo video e` il primo realizzato per la nuova piattaforma “Ruralize it” (un brano con questo titolo sta per uscire;-)
Inviteremo tanti artisti e musicisti dall`Italia e dal mondo a visitarci e a contribuire al work in progress.

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Apr 29

10 years of Round Coloured Note, live in Stoke Newington, London

Tonight 30th/04 Round Coloured Note will be playing in Stoke Newington, around the corner from where they were born as a band 10 years ago..
We used to jam and hang out in what used to be Bar Lorca, (now a gentrified restaurant with no live music..)
The second Al-Maranca and RCN album is on its way..it still makes sense for artists to record albums, it`s the framing of time and emotions through the magic of music and some songs like to be next to each other..
See you tonight, in this cousy lounge, we`ll have some very special guests joining us on stage;-)


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Mar 20

Jam in a Jar we`re back! Tonight

Tonight Al-Maranca & the Round Coloured Note back at Jam in a Jar
599 Green Lanes, London , start at 9, free entry
Med funk / Desert blues / Country `n Eastern
Al-Maranca : saz and vocals
Bubu: drums
Trevor Joseph: keyboards
Stef Russo: bassbackgroundsepia3.jpg

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